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Project partners.

Partner description:
COWI is a multidisciplinary independent consulting company operating world-wide within all principal fields of engineering and related sciences.
COWI has a total of 3400 employees, of which 2000 are based in Denmark. 1400 are based in subsidiaries and project offices around the world. The turn-over amounts to 356 million euros.  
Complex, multidisciplinary projects are planned and implemented according to an integrated approach, which involves traditional engineering services as well as energy and environmental science, economy, sociology, training and transfer of technology. COWI has specialised knowledge within innovative energy systems, Eco-management and large-scale projects. With status as independent consultant (and a member of FIDIC), COWI must retain absolute independence of contractors, manufacturers and suppliers.
COWI is among the leading consultants in Northern Europe within sustainable energy solutions combining energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies offering a comprehensive range of services in all aspects of tailored energy concepts. COWI has operated the EC energy centres.
CVs Key Personnel:
Peter Weitzmann: Master of Science in engineering, with a deeper experience about energy both production, distribution and use in buildings. PhD in Engineering and specialist in thermal simulation model development, measurements in a test facility and practical application of the simulation model External Associate Professor at DTU, Department of Civil Engineering.
Peter Kaarup Olsen: Bachelor Science Engineer and Master Science in Energy. He is specialist in energy systems in buildings and energy supply with experience in building simulations regarding thermal energy. Specialist in thermo active building constructions and innovative cooling and heating.

Reto Michael Hummelshøj: Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering. More than 20 experience years within the field of energy efficiency, design and implementation of projects within the building, industry and energy sectors. Leading specialist in the development of the major projects within the area of mechanical installations and new and renewable energy technologies, often with innovative nature in COWI.

Svend Erik Mikkelsen: Master Science in Mechanical Engineer. More than 26 experience years in the energy sector, in the fields related to efficient use of energy in building. Deep experience as a researcher engineer in the field of energy systems and renewable energy. More than 20 years working with COWI as project manager in international projects related with efficient use of energy in building and industry.
Participation in the project:
COWI is a company (service provider) in energy efficiency and ICT solutions able to maintain the services and with commercial interest in the developed solutions. They are already providers of public partners capable of continuing offering the services after the end of the pilots. En each city, for each pilot and replication, there are a tandem of public partners and service providers, in this case COWI will collaborate with Viborg Municipality in Denmark.
Tel: +45 45 97 22 11
Fax: +45 45 97 22 12
Adress: Parallelvej 2 DK-2800 Kongens Lyngby Denmark
Email: cowi@cowi.com