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Energy efficiency in public buildings and street lighting

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What Best Energy is.

The main objective of this project is to improve the energy efficiency in public buildings and street public lighting, by the ICT-based centralized monitoring and management of the energy consumption and production, and to provide decision makers with the necessary tools to be able to plan energy saving measures.


The BEST Energy project concept is based on the integration of building and lighting technology and state of the art ICT technology into innovative control and monitoring systems.
  • The continuous (real time) monitoring of the energy consumption and generation is the way to allow centralized control systems to optimise energy performance. 
  • At the same time, heightened energy consumption awareness is expected to stimulate behavioural changes on the users of the energy.
The initially quantified objective is to achieve an energy consumption reduction of 12% in buildings and 30% in public lighting systems.

Specific objectives of the BEST Energy project are:

Design and implementation

Monitoring: To centralize the energy consumption and production monitoring, control and management

Optimization: To use the information collected during the monitoring, to implement corrective/optimization measures and improve the energy efficiency.

Validation: To show evidence and demonstrate the cost recovery based on the achieved energy savings and energy efficiency improvement.

Experience sharing: To make an overall assessment of the project results by putting together the results obtained from each of the pilots, in order to extract conclusions, best practices and enhancements on the implemented pilots.

Replication: To replicate the validated pilot experiences in other European country(es) in order to prove the replicability of the initiatives.

Dissemination and promotion: To raise public administrations’ awareness and facilitate the replication of the validated solutions with the guidelines and best practices.