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Project partners.

Aachen University
Partner description:
The Department of Computer Science 3 – Software Engineering (SE) at RWTH Aachen University defines, improves and industrially applies techniques, concepts, and methods for innovative and efficient development of software and software-intensive systems, such that high-quality products can be developed in a shorter period of time and with flexible integration of changing requirements.

The SE concentrates on innovative and practically useful topics within the discipline of developing complex business and software-intensive embedded systems on a sound scientific and engineering basis. In recent years software engineering has significantly extended and consolidated its portfolio of methods, techniques, and tools to support development of highly critical or functionally complex systems within predefined time and given budget while meeting the required quality. It is the mission of the Department of Computer Science 3 to transfer this knowledge and tools into industry as well as to customize them to project and company specific needs. Thus optimized use (and reuse) of given resources enables an efficient realization of given goals.

Within the scope of the work of the SE the following and related fields of research and technology transfer are of particular significance: model-based development, UML, Model Driven Architecture (MDA), software architecture, test development, evolution of models, architecture and software, agile methods, XP, modeling distributed systems, semantics, transformational software development, code generation.
CVs Key Personnel:
Dipl.-Inf. Claas Pinkernell: Claas Pinkernell is member of the Department of Computer science 3 at RWTH Aachen University. He is active in developing domain specific languages for several purposes and modeling software systems in general. He has wide experiences with the Object Constraint Language (OCL) and its extension, which is one of the key concepts in the proposed project. Furthermore he is experienced in building web based systems.

Dipl.-Inf. Christoph Herrmann: Christoph Herrmann is member of the Department of Computer science 3 at RWTH Aachen University. His area of research includes the development of software engineering service platforms as well as service integration. Therefore he has experience with web- and web-service-based systems. Additionally he focuses on metrics, which can be used to analyze energy consumption data in the proposed project.

Dipl.-Inf. Thomas Kurpick:
Thomas Kurpick is member of the Department of Computer science 3 at RWTH Aachen University. He researches the generation of services. He has experiences with workflow systems and consistency checks within these systems. Therefore he has experience in the Object Constraint Language (OCL).
Univ.-Prof. Dr. Bernhard Rumpe: He is the director of Rumpe Information Technologies. He is also chair of the Institute for Software Systems Engineering at the Braunschweig University of Technology, Germany. His main interests are software development methods and techniques that benefit form both rigorous and practical approaches.
Participation in the project:
RTHA is a university with experience in energy efficiency and ICT solutions. En each city, for each pilot and replication, there are a tandem of public partners and service providers, in this case RTHA will collaborate with the German group involved in the implementation and development of the Pilot B2 which will be located in the Centre for Infomatics at the Technical University of Braunschweig.
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Adress: Templergraben 55 52062 Aachen (physical address) 52056 (mailing address) Germany