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Project partners.

Partner description:
ENESA a.s. (ENESA), Prague is a private owned ESCO and energy engineering company founded in 2005.  Owners, management and working team of the company has had extended experiences from successful development and implementation EPC and energy efficiency projects since 1993.  Members of the management completed first EPC projects in the Czech Republic in beginning of 90s.
ENESA's focuses on projects development in both public and private (commercial, industrial and residential) sectors.

ENESA´s main activities are the following:
  • Energy performance projects (EPC) in public sector,
  • Energy performance projects (EPC) in industrial sector,
  • Structuring of financing particularly for EPC projects,
  • Energy audits and consultancy in energy sector,
  • Energy efficiency project development and implementation,
  • Feasibility studies of modernization district heating systems,
  • Design of new energy supply and distribution systems including renewable energy.
ENESA has completed several large and complex EPC projects in public sector since 2005.  The most interested are two EPC projects:
  • Energy efficiency improvement in schools, hospitals and social care buildings of Pardubice region;
  • Guaranteed savings project in National Theatre, Prague
ENESA is a member of the Working group of EPC companies under umbrella of Chamber of Commerce of the Czech Republic.  This group influence overall business environment, legislation and conditions for energy efficiency activities. ENESA actively participated in several independent efforts promoting EPC and energy efficiency business.
CVs Key Personnel:
Mr. Ivo Slavotínek graduated in Economics and Energy Management, Master of Science. From 1993 he has been involve in energy efficiency business in Czech Republic. In 1993 he co-founded first privately owned ESCO in the Czech Republic. He was responsible for business development, contract negotiation and financing of the projects; he negotiated the first EPC contracts in public sector.

Mr. Mirosla Marada, graduated in Management and Economics, Master of Business Administration and graduated in Nuclear physics and engineering, Master of Science. Since 2005 he is Commercial Director of ENESA. In his previous positions he was responsible for strategy development and energy efficiency project (EPC projects) evaluation and preparation.

Mr. Valentýn Avramov, graduated in Mechanical Engineering, Master of Science. He is Certified Energy Engineer. He has been responsible for coordination of design team of energy and energy efficiency projects. He has completed numerous feasibility studies and investment proposals for projects in energy efficiency field. Currently, he is responsible for project development and installation.

Mr. Jakub Slavíek, graduated in Civil Engineering, Master of Science. He is Certified Energy Auditor. He has extended experiences in design heating, air-conditioning and ventilation systems of various types of buildings. He has completed numerous energy audits, energy efficiency project proposals and valuation of implemented EPC projects results. Now, he is responsible for entire project preparation and valuation of project results.
Participation in the project:
The participation of ENESA in this project is mainly as a company (service provider) in energy efficiency and ICT solutions, but also in this case ENESA will be representing the public partner in Prague which is the National Theatre of Prague. They will develop and implement the replicated pilot R1-2. This organisation will also contribute in the definition of energy efficiency policies in Czech Republic.