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Project partners.

Almada City Council CMA
Partner description:
Located on the south bank of the Tagus River across from Lisbon, Almada is one of 18 municipalities within the Lisbon Metropolitan Region, with 160,000 full-time residents and 8,000.000 visitors per year. Due to its 13 km of attractive Atlantic beachfront, the summer months are the main responsible for the enormous influx of tourists to the municipality, and the marked increase in demand for many city services. Almada is strongly committed to the principles of sustainable development in many ways, a few of which deserve mention here: developing a local Agenda 21 process, implementing an effective citizen participation policy, undergoing a process of EMAS certification, addressing climate change and participating in several European networks. The Municipality of Almada has adopted the motto “Sustainability Begins at Home” to emphasise its conviction that local authorities should be the first to provide an example to the community through concrete actions that lead to the improvement of environmental performance in all areas where it intervenes, including energy efficiency in municipal buildings and facilities and public lighting, namely via the participation in and cooperation with European projects.
The development of the Urban Masterplan “Eastern Almada, City of Water” is already an achievement in this field as one of its 8 objectives is dedicated to energy and greenhouse gas emissions, establishing means to: reduce energy demand; encourage the use of renewable and/or cleaner energy sources and the use of highly energy- efficient technologies. A former shipyard is included in the 115 acres, the area for creating a sustainable city giving priority to bioclimatic architecture, public transports, public and green spaces and consumption reduction.

Almada’s Municipal Urban Regulation (RUMA), reflects the strategic orientations of the Municipality in terms of urban planning, environment and energy. Innovative regulations for the promotion of energy efficiency and renewable energy sources stand out in the national context. Concepts favouring passive control of solar gains, natural ventilation and a “Building’s Energy Book” (CEDE) are particularly relevant. The CEDE will contain an energy characterization, including environmental and energy best practice recommendations, whilst targeting users for awareness raising. Almada City Council is concerned with energy efficiency and RES and has been concerned namely with the following aspects and projects: - Energy efficiency in buildings and municipal facilities, towards the development of an Eco-Management Audit Scheme (EMAS) – data analysis and installation of systems and criteria; - National System for Building’s Energy Certification and Quality of Interior Air, local follow-up of the new system (Directive 2002/91/CE); - Almada City Council’s Electric Energy Low Tension Concession Contract, systems and equipments for technological innovation and reduction of environmental impacts. Other Actions include a Plan for the integration of Renewable Energy Sources in the Peace Park (pilot trial already carried out) and the improvement of Energy Performance in Municipal Sports Facilities and Schools, as well as the installation of LED Signs and Traffic Lights around Schools.
CVs Key Personnel:
Catarina Freitas: Director - Sustainable Environmental Management and Planning Department. She has been Head Officer for Energy and Environmental issues at the Municipality of Almada since 1997. Presently, she is Executive Member of the Board of AGENEAL, Local Energy Management Agency of Almada. Catarina coordinates the development of the Local Strategy for Climate Change of Almada.

Doroteia Georgina: Head of Department– Municipal Direction of Construction Works and Urban Interventions. Coordinates the maintenance and Public Lighting management in the Municipality of Almada.

Alexandre Cerdeira: Public Lighting Expert– Urban Intervention and Road Infrastructure Division. Degree in Electro technical Engineering. He works for the Urban Management and Road Infrastructure Division at Almada City Council. Alexandre is responsible for the management of the outdoor lighting system of the Municipality of Almada. He is responsible for the development of new projects in this field.
Participation in the project:
CMA is the responsible of the Municipality of Almada In Portugal where the Pilot L2 for street lighting will be implemented. This organisation also contributes in the definition of energy efficiency policies in Portugal and as a City Council is responsible of other public buildings. Also this public partner have the policy power for scaling the solution to other building and lighting areas in Almada as well as transfer the project experience through its networks to other public organisations and private sectors at local and European level, assuring a long term impact.