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Project partners.

Green Power Monitor
Partner description:
GreenPowerMonitor, has a wide range of products specialized in the management and monitoring of renewable energy systems. Moreover, GreenPowerMonitor owns its own Enginery Diprotech (www.diprotech.com), as in a hardware level, as a software level. All the products that we commercialized have been completely design by our Engineers, what provides us with the capacity of adapt them to the client necessities.

The products let:
1. Data of installation acquisition systems and/or additional external sensors. Systems for the transmission of these data to the central server that collets the information of all the installations. 2. Information storage system in servers with high features. 3. Own in situ monitoring of the data systems (consisting of a installation or in a group of several installations), either in the self installation or located in an interested place (halls, …). 4. Remote monitoring and management system, as by the mean of the web GreenPowerMonitor platform as the desk solutions for the monitoring in the self installation. 5. They are accessible for every user. Taking into account the user, the system allows just to monitor or to manage. 6. Alarm systems for warming about a bad way of working of the systems.

GreenPowerMonitor is a company of the DIPROTCH group, which central point is the company called Dise–os and Proyectos Tecnol—gicos S.L.  Green Porwer Monitor provides to the project with all the range of products that it already has for the monitoring of the renewable energies, such as in the field of equipments as in the software development, and its Diprotech enginery as a way for achieving the necessary development for carring out the monitoring and control described before.
GreenPowerMonitor is the all-in-one monitoring solution for renewable energy systems. There is an ever increasing necessity to remotely control the installations, in order to follow-up their correct operation and performance, which makes it essential to have a monitoring solution in place.

GreenPowerMonitor offers the entire package of independent monitoring Systems, from the best real-time remote monitoring system to the PV manager (plant maintenance software). The process of data acquisition is carried out by the DAM (Data Acquisition Module). It can gather data via sensors, or also by communicating with the different devices in the installation (inverters, meters, relays, thermal controllers, etc.). Data are transmitted automatically.

From anywhere in the world, you will be able to check the status of your installation by accessing the web application offered by GreenPowerMonitor.
You will be able to detect any anomaly thanks to the alarm system, via sms or email, depending on the parameters that are configured in the web application.
GreenPowerMonitor offers its clients a generic brand, so that the web application can be customized with your corporate logos and colours
CVs Key Personnel:
Juan Carlos Arévalo Hernández: Electronic Engineer and Telecommunications Engineer. Charter member and manager for Green Power Monitor, company of the Diprotech group. Responsible for Green Power Monitor in the business field. Person with the experience and the knowledge in the renewable energy sources field, especially in the photovoltaic field.

Xavier Vallespí González: Informatics Engineer. Project annalist/head in the company DIPROTECH/Green Power Monitor. Responsible for the software development of Green Power Monitor. Responsible person for the software development necessary for the achieving of the project.

Humberto Roca Bach Graduated in Business Sciences, Electronic Engineer, Telecommunications Engineer. Responsible for the hardware area in the Green Power Monitor company. Responsible for the necessary development of the hardware for carrying out the project.
Participation in the project:
GPM is a company (service provider) in energy efficiency and ICT solutions able to maintain the services and with commercial interest in the developed solutions. They are already providers of public partners capable of continuing offering the services after the end of the pilots. In each city, for each pilot and replication, there are a tandem of public partners and service providers, in this case GPM will be involved in the development and implementation of the Pilots B1 and R1-1 in San Sebastian, Spain.
Tel: +34 902 734 236
Adress: Bori i Forestà 16, entlo- 08021 Barcelona
Email: info@greenpowermonitor.com